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Roof Cleaning

Safe Roof Cleaning

Low pressure roof cleaning is a Didier Brothers Power Washing specialty. Your roof can appear dirty and old when, in actuality, it is infested with mold, mildew, lichen, moss and an algae known as Gloeocapsa magma. Each of these infestations takes time to build up on your roof. They begin as small spores that feed on the limestone in your shingles and as it rains, those spores spread in a downward fashion, eventually becoming visible as black streaks. These organisms are rooting in your roof and as they grow, they are separating the materials in your shingles just as a tree can crack, separate, and destroy a sidewalk. Neglecting this infestation for a long period of time can cause premature failure of your roofing materials which, in turn, leads to you replacing your roof as much as 50% sooner than its expected life.  


When you call Didier Brothers Power Washing to treat this infestation of your roof, we will utilize a low pressure softwashing technique to ensure that no damage is done to your roof. The cleaning process utilizes a low concentration sodium hypochlorite, mixed appropriately with surfactants for your roof. This type of mix, partnered with a low pressure application, is recommended by most shingle manufacturers as the preferred method of maintenance cleaning. In addition to added curb appeal, a clean roof will give you the benefit of lower heating and cooling costs, a healthier home overall, and a prolonged life of your roof.

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