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House Washing

Soft Wash - House Washing Done Right

Whether it’s a brick facade, vinyl siding, or limestone, our soft washing method will clean the surface completely and restore its beauty without causing any damage to its delicate exterior. Our soft washing method depends more on our environmentally friendly soaps to do the work rather than using high water pressure. This technique allows us to thoroughly clean the facade and avoid causing any damage. We also use hot water of up to 220 degrees (that’s twice as hot as any water heater can produce) to come up with the best results.

We Cover All The Bases

We know that no two homes or buildings are entirely the same. For this reason, the house washing experts at Didier Brothers Power Washing are prepared for everything! Worried about those second and third floors? Don't be! We use a hydraulic boom lift (bucket truck) to reach all the way to the top safely. We also have 3 different telescoping wands that can reach from 12 to 30 feet to help cover your entire home. We got you covered! 

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