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Commercial  Buildings

Why Industrial Sites and Warehouses Need to be Cleaned Regularly

The very nature of industrial properties and warehouses often results in environments that do not take long to get

dirty. This can cause a lot of problems if it is not addressed. Algae and dirt buildup may result in a risk of injury if it is not cleaned properly. Regular cleaning ensures your employees a more productive and efficient work environment as well as a clean appearance to clients who may visit your property. Didier Brother's Power Washing can help you prioritize regular cleaning. We offer wax/sealing to maximize the aesthetic look of your building. Didier Brothers Power Washing uses a bucket truck to be able to reach and cover maximum coverage of your commercial building. The Power Washer unit has a 330 gallon tank. I can also bring an additional 1,000 gallons. Besides the 60 foot bucket truck I have 3 different telescoping wands that can reach heights from 12 feet all the way to 30 feet. You spend time and money washing and waxing your vehicles, why not your expensive metal building? Ask us about the Surface Micro - Sealer & Wax Agent that we use.

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