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Our Equipment

Powerful Gear, Powerful Results 

Here at Didier Brothers Power Washing, we take pride in our top-of-the-line power washing equipment because, we believe that "Great Equipment brings Great Results." 

  • Portable Water (We are able to provide our own water for any task at hand.)

  • Hot and Cold Water (Our unit can do both hot and cold water ensuring every type of job is done right.)

  • Soft Wash (There are some tasks that do better with a lower PSI to prevent damage to your property.)

  • Pressure Washer (When force is needed to clean properly, our pressure washer can go up to 5,000 PSI with a 35 HP Vanguard, Premium General Emperor Series Pump, Super High Efficiency Beckett Burner - Extra Large for High Heat Rise - 115 Volt Operations. It is the biggest and best on the market. )

  • Surface Cleaner ( Surface cleaner is used to clean large areas like driveways, patios, parking lots, etc..)

  • Two Hoses (This means we can run two different guns at the same time. Get the job done in half the time.) 

  • Bucket Truck (This allows us to reach up to 60 feet to get to the hard to reach places.)

  • Telescopic Wands ( 3 different wands that can extend from 12 feet all the way up to 30 feet)

  • Wide Assortment of Nozzles (Water Broom, Turbo Nozzles, Foam Cannons, and Tips)

  •  Airless Sand Blasting (this allows a different form of media that helps remove paint, rust, and grime) 

  • Ultra Concrete Floor Cleaner (This ultra-concentrated formula was designed for maximized removal of grease, tar, oil deposits, and heavily soiled areas for most hard surfaces and concrete floors.)

  • Thermo Reactive Sealer (When properly sealed with TRS, concrete, brick, and stone become stronger, more moisture repellent, more resistant to stains, and resistant to dusting.)

  • Surface Micro-Sealer and Waxing Agent (This promotes a shine on the surface as well as assists in drying and adds luster to home exteriors, vehicles, and decreases drying time due to improved beading of rinse water. Protects finishes against rust, corrosive salts, and oxidation.)

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